If you’ve decided to take control of your outcome at WEF19, or your winter circuit anywhere in the world, please RSVP and apply for this training as soon as possible. All levels and disciplines. 


"I used to worry about triple combinations, coming out of corners, and even blanking out after I made a few mistakes."

"I won the Grand Prix last night! It was so cool! It was a memorial event for my father (and business partner) who just passed away. I had 30+ people waiting for me at the in gate all screaming when I walked out of the ring. My 'clear round machine' (horse) was amazing again tonight! I rode soooo amazing! So smooth and so confident!

"He was on cruise control! I was so focused, I couldn't even hear the crowds in the stands and the music last night when I was on course! I used to worry about triple combinations, coming out of the corners, and even blanking out after I made a few mistakes. And now I just won Reserve Champion Grand Prix for the circuit! Thank you!"

Christi Israel, Grand Prix Rider, Owner of Byron Hill Show Jumping in Ocala, Florida. Photo at Fox Lea Farm used by permission from JXB

Because this Olympic level training is SOLD OUT for the live event in Wellington in December, now is the time for securing her private, one-on-one phone coaching program for the WEF 19 season (which includes on-site support) or for your winter circuit anywhere in the world.

This training includes her strategic interventions, so if you are stuck (or don't know why you are not making more progress forward), or you have decided to pick up the reins and leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparation and having the edge (showing up to the show ring as an empowered, focused, and accurate leader for your horse), this is your chance to take control of your results!

Nancy Dye, a Tony Robbins trained strategic interventionist and an expert transformational coach, is revolutionizing the sports psychology industry in the equestrian world with her game-changing (and life-changing) equestrian coaching program that she developed to transform riders with her ULTIMATE MENTAL SKILLS to become world-class athletes (or to perform at their best).


Riders Will Learn:

How to change their emotional “state” at a snap of a finger.

Why they get into a disempowered and un-resourceful state to being with and how to change that (once and for all)! 

How to quickly build real, unflappable emotional strength.

How to become resilient instead of beating yourself up or quitting.

How to show up empowered and focused on a consistent basis.

How to stop allowing other people to get in your head and push your buttons. (And stop comparing yourself to your top competitors!)

How to transform limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped.

How to uncover obstacles that are sabotaging your riding (and how to fix that.)

How to repair and grow those supportive relationships in your life!

How to reduce drama in yourself or your barn.

How to re-channel fear and show nerves.

How to believe in yourself even when you don’t believe!

How to become more accurate and improve your timing.

How to develop better “gut instincts” and decision making skills on course.

How to eliminate distractions with laser focus.

How to let go of those excuses, once and for all!

How to transition from your old identity as a rider to your new identity. 

What is driving your thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck (and how to turn it around even if you’ve tried everything).

How to break ANY bad habit and how to re-wire your brain for new habits of performance in riding and in your life.

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Coaching for children, trainers, and parents. Questions? Feel free to schedule a call here! 

Enjoy your ride!

Nancy Dye

Breakthrough Equestrian Mental Skills Coach
Emotional Strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist
NancyDyeSiCoach @gmail.com



Nancy Dye
Elite Lifestyle Transformations, LLC
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