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The statistics for what this pandemic is doing to the mental health of our children and teens is beyond words and horror. (Even adults are committing suicide in record numbers!) The data is way up on everything to include alcohol, drugs, other addictions, depression, and anxiety!

We have even lost some parents and children in what we perceived as the "sheltered" equestrian industry this past year due to poor mental health and/or not having enough inner strength and coping skills needed for this stressful environment.


As parents, we spend a lot of money on our children to give them everything they need for a healthy and happy childhood and to make sure they get into college or to succeed in whatever career they choose. But all this falls apart if our children don't have the emotional and mental strength that they need to ride through and jump over all the obstacles in life's "course." 

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Whatever is happening in the ring with our riding is just the symptom. Nervous? It may be a symptom of feeling dis-empowered. Or subconsciously going through life like a victim. Or not being able to control the negative thoughts inside our head. Or being easily triggered by others. Or a limiting belief that we are not good enough.

For others, it may be not being able to get ourselves out of a rabbit hole from a past event or trauma. Fear of the future. The list of possibilities for what's tripping us up goes on and on. And that's INSIDE our head. What about what's happening outside in the world like pandemics we can't control?

As a strategist interventionist, my specialty and passion is being "The "WHY GUY." I very quickly get to root of the problem (which is usually a combination of a many issues that are short-circuiting our brain), and then I design the best strategies for THAT particular person to effectively turn it around. 

And then by the end of my program, they will have an Owner's Manual with their self-knowledge and a list of the most effective tools that will work best for them to apply to ALL the various situations they face in riding and their life. My goal is for them to understand their thoughts and thinking, to learn neuroscience (how to deprogram and reprogram their brains), and to know the BEST way to turn things around by themselves. 

My high end peak performance coaching program is making sure we send our kids out into the world totally prepared for whatever life throws at them so they can STILL rock it in all areas of their lives!

Yes, it IS an investment. An investment in them learning how to take control of their mental and physical health and their happiness and success. What other thing(s) could you invest in that will provide them with that?  

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Enjoy the ride! 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Equestrian Mental Skills Coach
Emotional Strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist

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