HEAD'S UP, Nancy, Top Gun Maverick lingo in-bound!

"Today we are going to start with what you just THINK you know ... test your limits." TGM

If you saw Top Gun Maverick (I just completed my 15th theater showing), you know that even the best of the best Top Gun Pilots ...

Need to go beyond good, basic dog fighting skills to win the tough battles.

How does this relate to Equestrian Rockstars?

"Success comes down to the man or woman in the box." TGM

Despite a rider's level, even more critical at the Grand Prix heights, success comes down to how well developed ...

Their competitive mindset skills are.

What is being competitive REALLY mean?

(NOT being in a survivor mindset! NOT settling for a "solid, consistent round”.)

Instead, it is mission driven with a higher level of purpose that is fueled by a high octane, warrior ethos.

First of all, a warrior ethos (which most people seem to shy away from due to a meaning attached to wars), does NOT mean ...

Being a first level rider with a goal of going into the show ring and remembering the course.

Or the next level up of not making a mistake and doing a "solid, consistent round."

Warrior ethos is a much higher intensity that requires more energy to drive you to take MORE ACCURATE action that generates a higher quality of results.

Backed up with the proof of TOP GUN level of awards and trophies.

“You are the best of the best. The ELITE!” (TGM)

It is mission driven with a more important purpose ...

It has a more powerful force that will compel you to laser focus on beating (yes, the word "beat" is a good thing!) your competitors!

Going into the ring with this mindset:

1. I will always place the ULTIMATE mission first.
2. I will never accept defeat.
3. I will never quit.

Doing the math, it comes down to this:

I am ALL in with MASSIVE action and the ONLY option is me winning!

Don't eject yet ... (You know who you are! Stay the course!)

A new client on day one of coaching: "Oh, I am very competitive .."

(Says all my type A riders during our first session.) Wait for it ... drum roll ...

Here comes the impressive resume in their businesses and careers.

Followed by the high value of string of horses ...

And finally, the top brand name trainer.

Me: "We'll see." (Penny to Maverick as he is climbing out her window in TGM)

So, when the "competitive drive" does not match a rider's results?

“No, what's the reason the family will accept? “ (TGM)

What does that mean? There is NO excuse!

Because "being competitive" is NOT just about a wimpy, "It would be nice to win", or even how much you WANT to win, 

Not to mention my BIGGEST pet peave of “I will try." (Seriously, that sounds like nails scratching the blackboard to me!)

Being competitive is NOT "sitting on" your PAST history of training, talent, skills, and wins ...

Or that past “winning” mount or trainer ...

(So, what's left, right?)

Being competitive AND having success with your mission depends upon ...

Your ABILITY to deploy ADVANCED dog fighting skills while on course!

"The parameters of THIS missions calls for ..." (TGM)

The BEST dog fighting mental and strategic skills deployed with the most accurate timing!


Which requires knowing your WHY that you are even participating in a sports competition. 

And according to my late husband, Jack Miles, it is always because WINNING IS FUN! 

(So, throw away your Las Vegas calculations of betting your odds with how many riders are in a class and "how good" your competitors are!)

Trash everyone else’s acceptance of you performing at lower expectations and stop dabbling in the game of what you can get away with NOT doing. 

SLAM down those limiting beliefs and self-sbotaging tactics!

And get ready ... 

“Time to turn and burn!” (TGM)

What is the foundation for Advanced  fighting maneuvers? (Just a few key points from a longer list!)

1. Extreme Ownership; grab the reins and own ALL the responsiblity for winning or not!

2. Belief/Intention; about new venues, new horses, new heights, or "more important" events.

(More important events do not suddenly wipe out your riding skills or focus unless you GIVE THAT POWER AWAY!)

3. Fighting Back: using the MOST EFFECTIVE counter measures, with matching ammunition (yes, ammunition, stop using wimpy words!) to talk back to your "issues" or emotions when triggered.

(To replace and record over your past patterns of ignoring, or being in denial about, how much things may affect you and your focus!)

ALL this lethal gun power requires a tack trunk of tools and techniques THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO USE!

"The NATOPS (maual); everything the Navy wants you to know about your aircraft." (TGM)

(After all, what's the point of having an F-18 if you don't know how to fly it?)

To QUICKLY and COMPLETELY knock out EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR triggering issues as they come up ... to include the ego!

"Splash one! Splash two!" (TMG)

And we keep FIGHTING until the enemy within is neutralized, and WE have our reins (empowerment) and focus back!

4. Master of Shifting Gears! This means, we are always "tracking" (where we are on course) and ...

We remain vigilant to staying highly adjustable to apply the right action deployed with the right timing!

All this is based upon BETTER decision-making skills that are backed up with our MORE ACCURATE gut instincts! (Thanks to my Top Gun, peak performance mental skills coaching.)

5. We not only plan outside the box to decide our next maneuver, we fearlessly "dagger" attack ANY uncertainty lucking outside that comfort zone ...

6. And decide ahead of time to apply the WINNING RULES that "backing off" or holding back ... these fake power games of self-sabotage and failure are NO longer an option.

"Mav, this is a VERY short taxiway." Wingman, Rooster .. "You just hold on!" Maverick (TMG)

NOW all that fancy "pilot shit" training, talent, and gut instincts ...

And the self-diagnosed Type A genes ...

Along with the flashy, expensive, and well-tuned up equine "machinery", can all be combined to work together to execute a flawless WINNING round on course.

But note, it is by diving deep inside and channeling our inner warrior to come out fighting with all you got ...

Backed up with all the above advanced mental skills for peak dog fighting performance ...

That gets the job done.

Not just the intense desire to win.

You MUST believe! (It’s a MUST, not a SHOULD!)

It doesn't have to be at 100 percent, but you must DECIDE to believe.

And DECIDE to get out of your comfort zone and ...

Remember, piloting equines around a course of jumps ...

Requires leading from your Top Gun, Equestrian Rockstar identity;

"It's not WHAT I am, It's Who I am." (TGM)

And coding your brain by saying it to yourself over and over! 

"I'm good. I VERY good. In fact, I'm too good to be true!" (TMG)

And THAT is the test point for this week, pilots!

Mach 10!

(Not JUST referring to speed. For you hunter riders out there, it means going beyond what you believe is the highest ceiling on your abilities to perform!)

On deck and ready?

"Maverick is in-bound. Going in!" (TGM)

And then ... blast into the show ring with fearless confidence and presence ...

Act as if until your become. 

"Don't think, just do!" (TMG)

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