Hi Nancy,

"I have noticed that some of the most blessed people in life are the ones that have gone through something that broke them.

It is in the breaking of life that produces the blessings in life.

Those that refuse to break ... refuse the blessings." T.D. Jakes

Break down and break through!

We've all gone through times when we made a lot of changes in our riding, ourselves and our lives. We made progress and it feels good, right? But we usually start with the easy stuff. The "safe" problems or changes.

BUT what are those one or two issues that we are holding on to and REFUSE let go of? That we REFUSE to step up and DO in order for EVERYTHING to REALLY change?

Maybe it is a bad habit on or off the horse. Or maybe it is just the pain of doing the right thing at the wrong time! (Timing is everything in riding and in life!)

Or maybe it is an issue within our character or personality? 

Maybe it is a fear that we won't admit we have or a pattern of running away from anything uncomfortable?

Or maybe it is just not being able to do what we know is the right thing to do.

Those things that we refuse to let go of or to do ... will either break us (and/or your dream) or we will break through.

THOSE things that we saved for last when we were working on changes (because they were the most difficult things for us to face or to do) ... those are the game changers!

(Everything else was just dipping our toes in the cold water and practicing to get ready for the REAL transformation! The one we REALLY want! )

Breaking down and facing it? That's when everything SHIFTS deep down inside. And we can even feel the power of that earthquake from the impact of having finally taken THE game changing step as the power is being transferred to us!

It is not always as easy as taking off the business suit to reveal the Superman inside. Or going to the Halloween store for the costume. We want it to be quick and easy and comfortable like that. That's both our desire and delusion ... and that's what keeps us stuck.

It actually takes us DOING the stuff that we REALLY don't want to do.

And no, that's NOT fake news!

When we finally break down and REALLY step up and face THOSE tough realities honestly, and finally do THOSE things that we keep refusing to do (using our "stories" that are neatly wrapped up with a beautiful bow that even WE are starting to believe are true), then we will rocket forward and transform into our personal best and experience all the blessings of peak performance in our riding and our lives.

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