End of Year Reviews!

1. From my junior rider who made it to the finals.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being "I can't believe I signed up for this coaching stuff" and 10 being "the most amazing thing I've ever experienced") please rate your coaching experience: 


What is your favorite part of the coaching process that you find to be the most helpful?

I think that my favorite, helpful part was creating new neuro-associations for things that caused me fear or nervousness. Learning how to change my state whenever I wanted and how to rewire my brain.

What challenges or goals do you feel are not being addressed at this time?

I really feel as though all of my challenges are being addressed.

What is not working well for you in the coaching experience?

I couldn't find this experience better- everything is working so well!

What are some of the tangible changes in your life/business as a result of coaching?

I am feeling so much less nervous in ALL parts of my life - my grades have improved because of our coaching too! I have the confidence to speak to anyone about anything now too.

Is there any other information, insight or feedback you would like to share with your coach at this time?

This has been such an amazing experience for me!!

Client posted a new client log. On 11.09.2017.

"Hi Nancy!!

I wanted to let you know how both of my very important meetings went!

My important meeting with the Brown Alumni went amazingly! She said that she thought I was a great candidate and hopes that I get in! I was so happy to hear that!

My important meeting with my trainer was also incredible. He really listened to me and he's really willing to invest in me this year. I left the meeting so happy and confident. He thinks that I am really able to do well, and I know that I am.

This is going to be a great year–I can feel it!!


From my adult eventer regarding the last big horse event of the year: 


 Great news this weekend – my best horse trail in two years.  We were only 5 seconds away from third place, out of 22 riders. 

Thanks for all your help.  Had the right amount of food; an excellent attitude; superb help from my spouse/groom; and a runway model of a Rockstar horse who knows how to do it all.  We were Rockstars all weekend!


 From my amateur owner who made it to the finals: 

"What a year! I can't believe I made it to Harrisburg! I am so excited to be here. This sure beats throwing up in the bathroom at horse shows! This has even changed my professional life. I now show up as an empowered leader instead of a people pleaser hoping my managers and employees will like me."

 From my over 50 adult hunter rider: 

"I feel a billion times better! My daughter, who never gives anyone a grade higher than a c+ said, 'Mom, you have really changed as a person.' So happy to be back to winning again."

 From the mother of a 9-year-old.

"Her trial went great. I was concerned she wouldn't be able to perform after that very upsetting incident with her old trainer. She was hysterical last night. But she showed up today, and she rode with complete confidence and focus. 

We are so excited that the trainer you referred us to has agreed to invest in her this year. She went from a bad fall at WEF last year and never wanting to show again ... to riding with absolute certainty. She is back showing in the ring that was still scaring her (where she had the bad fall) and she just won a blue ribbon today even with the tough competition."

 From a mother of three little girls who turned fearful after her husband suddenly passed away.

"Nancy has opened me up to a new world of self-empowerment.  I love how I have adopted a new rider identity that I feel is continually evolving.  Nancy has me develop empowering thoughts and use empowering words as I evolve into my new identity.

I called Nancy initially to work on my equestrian mindset.  I was intrigued by this concept of training as I was experiencing mind blocks due to fears I was having while riding.  Nancy has helped me discover that my fears have been a reflection of the fears I was experiencing in my everyday life.  As I had lost my husband to liver cancer two years ago, I found myself in a scary position of being the head of household managing the finances, and taking care of three young daughters, with no family in the area. 

In the process of working with Nancy on my mindset skills for riding, I discovered that there have been so many areas of my life that I have looked to her to help me discover what I need to learn, develop, and strengthen in those areas in order to improve my mental and physical aspects of my riding. 

One of the most important themes I have been working on with Nancy is developing courage.  I am learning how to be comfortable with uncertainty.  Nancy is helping me to "look the tiger in the eye" instead of freezing up or running away from my fears. 

As I developed my courage in my riding, I transferred those skills and that confidence into my personal and career goals. When I felt uncertain about the outcome, Nancy had me discover what kind of leverages I could use to move forward into creating the end results that I wanted. 

My riding has evolved to a new level. and I am developing a whole new career.  I am cultivating strong, long-lasting personal relationships, and I am now ready and excited about including a romantic relationship in the near future!

I have worked very hard to develop strong strategies in getting the edge in these various areas in my life.  I am continuously learning and open to new ways of looking at problems and want my desires to come to fruition as "musts" in my life! 

Nancy an extremely gifted and compassionate coach and a person that I feel so grateful and blessed to have as a coach, mentor, and now a friend!!

Nancy is wonderful!"


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With Warm Regards, 

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