Hi, Nancy,

Recording of my session coaching notes from the field! Yea!

Listen to this audio I recorded about my first session with a Grand Prix rider whose grand championship riding had taken a sudden nose dive after her father died. 

Events in our personal life can suddenly and powerfully "unseat" us. How strongly and for how long that continues to affect our riding in a negative way is up to us to choose. Sometimes we believe we don't have control over that; that we are just victims of having to wait until the event, person or thing magically has no more power over us. 

It can take a long time for us to turn around our riding or we can shorten the process and make our riding even better than it was before with strategic intervention coaching. 

Whatever your history or story, recognizing and owning your story is the first step in owning your power so that you can design and create a new, more empowering story!

There is a reason why my Grand Prix rider in this coaching session rides stallions over Grand Prix jumps! She is one, strong, courageous fighter! 

I don't disclose people's names and/or stories unless they give me permission, which actually this client did give me permission to disclose. I also don't "buy clients" by offering "free coaching" in exchange for positive testimonials or to use their coaching notes like other coaches do. All my clients pay for their packages and everything is strictly confidential.

So I hesitate to promote my client's names and stories, because I don't want others to think, "If I coach with her, I will have to reveal my story." It is the exact opposite. Everything is confidential. 

But this client, Christie Israel (and several others) want to help and inspire others to turn around their riding and their life, so she said to me, "Share whatever, I am not afraid of my story. I hope it helps others."

(Click the link below. Once directed to Audio Acrobat, it should play automatically or after one click and wait a few seconds. On my iPhone not hooked up to wi-fi, I clicked the player button 3 x's.)

Click here to listen...

Enjoy your day off!

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