Dear Nancy,

"My worst personality trait is ... " 


Your strongest tool!


Yup, I figured this one out about my self decades ago. And it shifted EVERYTHING!

Here I was trying to get rid of these STRONG driving forces inside of me that were sabotaging me, like being rebellious or too resistant to coaching for example, and it finally dawned on me that if the force was so strong, why didn't I just channel that?

If I was born and "hard-wired" for those traits, how could I make those driving forces serve me better? 


The answer?  Recyle it. Re-purpose it!

And yes, this works with your bad riding habits. This works for my clients every time;


Embrace the challenge you are having with your riding. Embrace your "default" go-to, knee jerk reactions. By embracing these things, we figure out how to tame them and make them work for us. 

(Read my 10 second article below.) Believe it or not, it's so short, it is not even 1/2 page! Not likely to happen again ... LOL!



Weaknessses into Strengths


Enjoy Your Week! 

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