Dear Nancy, 

I love what I do! 

All these heart felt thank you notes this weekend from current and past clients who all have one thing in common; 

Emotional independence! 

Freedom from being controlled and imprisoned by emotional patterns that hold them back in their riding and their lives. 

The joy of celebrating with fireworks ... that we each can choose every day to be FREE emotionally! 

And with that freedom, we can then laser focus on showing up and performing in all areas of our lives. 

No more second guessing ourselves as we ride down the line. 

No more "checking out" and losing where we are on a bending line to a jump. 

No more being overwhelmed with fear or anxiety when we go into the show ring. 

In fact, no more anxiety pills for our anxiety! 

And the bonus? 

Now they can even control their old, poor eating habits. 

And turn around their relationships. 

(Or successfully got out of those that were not a good fit for them!) 

They have cranked up their careers and are making more money than ever. 

Or they are dumping the careers and moving on to ones that make them happier.

And best of all? 

They are all riding at their absolute best! 

Freedom is about learning how to MASTER OURSELVES so that we are NOT victims of being stuck ... 

In mediocrity, frustration, low self esteem ...

And constantly falling into rabbit holes where we spin around in delusional, self-defeating narratives ...

And embarrassing ourselves in the show ring! 

Ready to celebrate your independence? 

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