Hi Dye,

What a great weekend to think about how we can channel our inner warrior to jump over any hurdles and to achieve peak performance in all areas of our lives. 

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, here is the link to my favorite interview on my radio show, Triumphs of the Human Spirit, where I interviewed Captain Jerry Coffee who was a "top gun" pilot that was shot down over Vietnam and was in prison (in isolation at the "Hanoi Hilton") for 7 long years. 

How do you develop the mental skills, emotional strength, and resiliency to endure such a thing? 

But perhaps more importantly, how can YOU apply THOSE powerful techniques to the self-made prisons (habitual thought patterns and bad habits) that you created in your riding and your own life?

Your personal truth right now may be that you are trapped or "can't help" what is happening. 

But you can choose a new truth and a new "story" at any moment. You can choose a new destiny starting now.

"It is in our moments of decision that our destinies are shaped." Tony Robbins

Channel Your Inner Warrior

Enjoy the ride!

Nancy Dye
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