Angry at Your Horse? (Or maybe just frustrated or annoyed?)

Red Flag! Did you see the video of the “heiress” that fell off in the show ring during the Hampton Classic and then kicked her horse in the stomach with anger? Well, it was hard to tell from the angle of the video, but it looked like that’s what she did. People were outraged.

Why did this woman react like that? What inside of her was driving that negative behavior and what would my prescription be to help this rider?


Don't think you're annoyed with your horse? Think again!

I just had a new client go over her "history" of buying, training, and showing her horse and what was very obvious to me (and not to her) was that she was VERY angry about: 

1. Having overpaid for the horse. 

2. Finding out she had to pay her trainer to have the horse professionally ridden 3 times a week and

3. The trainer expected her horse to be in all the major horse shows whether or not my client was going to be there and ride it! Even more money!

She could have blamed herself for allowing this all to happen; for not communicating clearly with her trainer about the type of horse she wanted and what expenses she did NOT want to invest in a new horse, but instead, she blamed her horse!

Learn how to discover what's tripping you up from being the best that you can be.

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