Good-morning Nancy,

Have you been watching the Olympics? There seems to be a common theme.

These athletes didn't just happen to arrive at Olympic Village with amazing talent and skill. Interview after interview, they all had the same answer to the question about how they got there.

Was it the trainer? Was the opportunity of money and time to train? Was it the best equipment? What was the "secret sauce?"

Regardless of any or all of that ... the answer was ... wait for it ...

Drum roll ...

They failed and they failed often. If it wasn't for the failures, learning from them and staying positive and resilient, they wouldn't be where they are.

And how did they stay positive and resilient? They stayed in belief about themselves and their desired outcome regardless of where they were on their journey and regardless of the lack of proof.

It's called faith. Seeing it, believing it, and acting as if until it becomes reality.

Reframe failure and mistakes. Embrace them.

Figure out your mistakes. Is it skill based, mindset based or both? Is it your identity, your belief or do you actually not know what to do to change?

If you know what the problem is that you need to fix, skill based or otherwise, WHY are you not stepping up and doing it?

Sometimes we have to bottom out.

If we can't find or engage our own unique leverage to make ourselves step up and learn from our mistakes, then by default, life will give us the "push" we need to feel that pain to move us forward into doing what it is we need to do; that one thing, or several things, we are resisting.

That one thing that will change everything.

Or we will just stay stuck or quit from the pain. Allow the pain to move you forward.

What are you resisting? What skill do you NOT have? What is it that you are NOT willing to do that would be a game changer?

When you're sick and tired of being sick and tired ...

When you finally throw up your hands and say, "This is bullshit, staying stuck is NOT who I am. It is, in fact, who I REFUSE to be, then everything will change.

When you get out of powerless victim mode and step into your leadership mode, you're willing to do whatever it takes ...

Then you will embrace your failures and learn from them.

Step up, stay in pain, or move forward into victory.

No one is going to do it for you.

If you have had people in your life who have always been directing, pushing or pulling you forward, you may not know how to engage and rely on your own inner power. You may not even feel powerful.

You may feel handicapped or be waiting to be carried over the finish line.

But they can only take you so far ...

You can be given all the insight and all the training, but YOU have to pick up the tools and utilize them. This is YOUR battle! This is YOUR failure and YOUR learning opportunity. And it will be YOUR victory or defeat.

Your success is up to you.

That's why there is one medal and it goes on the athlete. The professional athlete. Not the dabbler. Not the one who holds backs and keeps living by their limiting beliefs and using blame.

Not the one who did 94% of what needed to be done but held out on the game-changing action.

The medal belongs to the one that stepped up and took TOTAL control of their destiny.

It's a decision. Then it's an ACTION step. And in the end, it's a commitment of ...

Extreme Ownership. All IN and TOTAL IMMERSION. Leave no stone unturned.

You don't know what you need to do? That's the B.S. story you keep telling yourself so you won't have to do it!

Divorce your "story" (excuses) and marry the truth.

Your decisions will determine your destiny.

(Now back to our regularly scheduled day .... )

Enjoy your ride! 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Equestrian Mindset Coach
Emotional Strength & Resilience Trainer
Strategic Interventionist

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