Dear Nancy, 

With the situation in Texas, doesn't it make you wonder how anyone could get through, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, being totally homeless, carless, and with all their life's possessions gone?  

Just sleeping on the floor or a cot?

But perhaps equally tough, for some of us, is getting ourselves out of the loop of being stuck in the emotional or negative behavioral patterns in our life.

Whether it's two years of not being able to keep our eyes up while jumping (a client that a trainer referred to me) or being stuck in an angry, fearful, or victim mode, these challenges can also be extremely difficult to deal with. 

That was why I started my radio show "Triumphs of the Human Spirit" many years ago, where I interviewed people who had overcome unbelievable adversities in their lives. 

Because I wanted to know: how the hell did they do it? In other words, how did they become resilient?

Sometimes we think to ourselves, "Wow, I could never deal with or get over something like that," and yet everyone that I interviewed thought the exact same thing in the beginning of their adversity. They were overwhelmed and wanted to give up.

But they DID overcome. Not everyone does, of course ... so what did those that DID overcome have, or do, that the rest of the people did not?

Were those people who survived somehow just born stronger or more naturally resilient than those who gave up?

The answer is no. The answer is, we ALL have inside of us an indomitable human spirit that can overcome anything.

Which means, we all hold our own keys AND we can all choose to USE our keys. 

(We ALL can also choose to run away.)

How do we step up and overcome any adversity or challenges in our life ... to include all those "small" challenges like bad habits that seem to have us imprisoned? How do we access our keys and unlock our own prisons?

Find out from one of our nation's top speakers, a man who knows a thing or two not only about surviving, but about going beyond survival. Great mindset and techniques for any challenges.

Take the action to unlock a fabulous day ... and a magnificent life!

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Mindset Coach & Resilience Trainer
Strategic Interventionist


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