Dear Nancy,


Just keep showing up.

It is a decision not to quit when the going gets tough. Just make it your Unbreakable Rule of Engagement.

Decide to believe, even if you don't right now, that the most important and riding/life/career altering growth happens when you FEEL stuck and DECIDE to commit to working it through to the other side.

With "spectator" sports, sometimes we run away to avoid the embarrassment of not riding well. Or we believe we can't handle anymore frustration. Or we start making up fearful stories like "I lost my confidence." Or our "brief moments of struggling" become part of our identity ... a "season" of failures during the process of trying to move up to the next level becomes "I am a failure."

Whatever you fear is EXACTLY what you need to embrace and run TOWARDS.

DECIDE (the power is in making the decision) to have faith that it is in your RESISTANCE to avoiding that gets you the breakthroughs and the transformations.

Think of a boxer or karate athlete; block, block, block that resistance to become a runaway horse.


Place a higher value on persistence.

And a lower value on the TEMPORARY comfort that comes from running away. (Comfort is sometimes just a tricky Trojan horse!)

Comfort "now" sometimes bites you in the butt "later."

Especially when you understand neuroscience and how any behavior is programming your brain for a repeat performance.

Telling yourself a story that you can't handle the stress?

Listen, my mantra for EVERYTHING is; it's all good! 

(Even if I don't really believe it.)

Good stress is ANY stress that makes you stronger and wiser.

Which is pretty much all stress! Don't demonize struggle and stress.

THAT is what makes stress so toxic to your mindset and your body.

See it as fuel that creates the magic.

It is like lifting weights in the gym; too much of a heavy load done all the time, and without breaks for your body to recover, is damaging.

BUT without some "stress" of lifting weights, we won't grow the muscle.

The magic is in the reframe and the careful application and polishing of the meaning of the stress so that it serves you better.

And staying the course, one stride at a time.

Wire your brain for ALWAYS making it ALL around the course, giving it your 100% efforts that you are capable of at the time ...

AND not quitting before your receive the lifechanging, riding/relationship/health or career altering breakthroughs.

That needs to be an unbreakable, non-negotiable Rule of Engagement. 

With this mantra for rewiring the brain; 

"I don't quit. That's just not who I am! The magic is always, and only, on the other side."

Make it another great week! (Any week you are still in the game is a great week and something to celebrate!) 

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Nancy Dye
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