How do you build a new life? You break free from the old life. And today is July 4th!

Our ancestors had a magnificent vision for their lives. It all started with the vision of raising their standards. And then they held the belief that they could achieve their dreams even though there was no proof and so much uncertainty.

But they held that vision, they make a decision, they took action, they fought hard, and they sacrificed a lot. All this was done so that we could live the lives of our dreams.

Whatever has held you back in the past from being all that you wanted to be, this is Independence Day!

Believe that you can become free your past, your "stories," your limiting beliefs, your self-sabotaging habits, your old self-talk, your old values, your old rules, and your old standards. Your old way of riding through life.

Make a decision to move to a new bridle path. Raise your standards, hold your vision, jump over all those obstacles, and believe your life can be all that you want it to be!

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