Hi Nancy, 

My former client (in her fifties), Lee Robin, and over a year later she is still challenging herself with stepping up!

"I can’t thank you enough, Nancy, for kicking my ass and calling me out on my attitude ...”

Whoa!  😮 My former client, mother of two young adults, totally embracing and rocking it with trapeze work up on a 40 Ft pole somewhere in Amsterdam. (Mind you, the first issue we worked on was always being late!) Before this, she completed a firewalk  🔥 after coaching with me. Looks like she has continued to make her timing work FOR her now rather than against her! And she keeps raising her standards ... in this case, 40 ft!

She wrote:

"If you are thinking about using the coaching services of Nancy Dye, stop thinking – just do it! I am amazed at the turn-around in myself in just 3 short months. Nancy’s years of experience in coaching are evident almost immediately. She opened my eyes to the things that were holding me back, that I was fearful of; old beliefs about myself that just weren’t true. She helped me to formalize and reach down to create a New Me, one with confidence, energy, and excitement for my future!

"Our paths crossed when I was 8 years old and attended the large, overnight sports camp that Nancy’s parents owned in Vermont. This was where I learned how to ride horses, and years later after her parents retired, she ran the riding program at another camp I attended.

"Through Facebook, we reconnected again and became casual online friends. She was always happy! Always upbeat!  Then one day, in my usual ‘poor me,' mopey, depressive, unenthused state, I watched one of the videos she posted online. And I saw a glimmer that another life, a better ‘me,’ was possible. I messaged her asking her to chat on the phone. She told me to call her at 9. I called at 9:30 and got her voicemail. 

"When we did speak, it became apparent that I needed help. I was in the dumps about my job of 10 years and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. My position was changed from that of a high earning commissioned sales representative to a salary/bonus management position, and I was under performing. (And in all areas of my life!) It was a hit to my pocketbook and my self-esteem. I blamed my company, my district managers, my co-workers, my customers, the economy, and even the political environment. Oh, there was a lot of blame going on! 

"But Nancy first focused on one little crucial thing. Why did I call her a half hour late? Well, true to form, I had a very good excuse. Good excuses are my forte! And I finally admitted that I am always late. And it was a problem. I was spoken to about it by my General Manager. It caused me to miss sales appointments. And, starting from there, we worked on all the things that were holding me back, that I gave too much value to, that I believed were a part of me and that’s just the way I was.  

"But over the course of several months, and working each week with Nancy, I am not that person anymore. Nancy was trained as a Strategic Interventionist by the official coaching school of Tony Robbins, and she walked me through the process of changing my identity from that person I was then to the person I am now; optimistic, empowered, more focused, more organized, more productive, and more in control of my life. I no longer live in my excuses. I am embracing my new position as a manager and learning how to become a leader.

"I love not being late anymore. That Old Me; negative, disorganized and distracted … She just doesn’t live here anymore! I even had physical changes. Looking back, I had this feeling of a heavy weight on me. Everything hurt. Everything was a chore. Now I feel such a lightening of my spirit!

"This was work. You have to be honest with Nancy and, most of all, honest with yourself because she will call you out on your B.S. and help you see it for the B.S. that it is.  After a session with Nancy, she writes a long and an incredibly insightful summary of our session, what we spoke about, what she heard me say, what was accomplished with each session, the insights, the techniques and strategies that will work for me, and the short action steps I need to take for the coming week.

"These are on your secured, personal portal on her coaching website, and are there for you to go back over and read anytime; to remind yourself of what steps to take next, and to give you an opportunity to see how much progress you have made.  

"I highly recommend her services. Nancy’s unique results coaching has done for me what I feel might have taken many years of traditional therapy, if ever. This is a powerful, step-by-step plan for a fast turn-around in life. I made a commitment and invested in myself and my future, my mental health, my career, and my personal well-being. Working with Nancy is the best thing I could have done. There are no coincidences. If you are reading this, and think this might be what you need, do it now!" 

Another follow-up letter the night she did the firewalk at the Tony Robbins event, Unleash the Power Within:

“I can’t thank you enough  🙏 , Nancy, for kicking my ass and calling me out on my attitude, but also helping me to feel good about myself, to see my limiting beliefs, and to realign so much in my life. I feel as if the moment I reached out to you was a real emotional bottom. And the techniques just work. It does.  💪 I am living proof. I am happy, focused, energized, and hopeful for my future!”

Lee Robin Gebhardt, Wine Sales Executive, Actress, and Entrepreneur. Garrison, New York.

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