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The most recent reviews of my book!

Dr. Jennifer Prior: 

"Great book! 5 stars!" 

Terri Knox Vanpraet 

"Thanks, Nancy Dye, for going Old School. Love my real book! A terrific read. It has helped me in such a huge way! With my whole life, not just the horses. I can see the things happening in my mind like a well written book should do. I loved it so much I bought one for my niece who is working to be a Grand Prix rider. Thank you so much Nancy for sharing your information and wisdom. May God bless you in so many ways." 

Olivia Combs:

“I absolutely loved reading Nancy’s book! It was incredibly relatable, filled with her humor, and to top it off, educational. Well written with a charming voice, it was an extremely enjoyable read. Through her book and coaching program, my jumpers have never gone better, and I have never ridden so accurately!” 

Gretchen Jelinek:

“Just finished the book and think it’s incredible! It is engaging, and you tell it in a way that makes you root for the rider that you are writing about. The best thing you shifted for me during coaching was to stop giving myself a way out. You taught me to COMMIT. "

Debbie Prince: So Worth Reading! 5 Stars Amazon

“Equestrian Rockstars, along with my coaching in Nancy’s program, was so empowering and life changing. I now have new beliefs that support the psychology of good riding. My horse has never gone better, and I know he loves his new Equestrian Rockstar. What a good read for all equestrians!” 

CPW: I can honestly say this changed my life. 5 stars Amazon

"I first read Equestrian Rockstars when it was offered as a free e-book. I liked it so much, I purchased the paperback version as soon as it came out. I had recently returned to riding after what was soon becoming a triple decade hiatus. Even though I had ridden successfully at a national level in multiple disciplines during my younger years, as a re-rider in my late 50s, I was struggling. Not only did I have pre-competition jitters, I had pre-going to the barn jitters. The sports psychology training I'd learned back in the 1980s (positive visualization, biofeedback, etc.) wasn't enough. I hit Google searching for an equestrian psychology coach and found Nancy Dye and her free e-book. I normally hate e-books because they are hard on my eyes, but I read Equestrian Rockstars cover to cover in one day. It was so relatable and easy to read. I especially enjoyed the many case studies. I tried some of the techniques, and they worked like BAM! I then signed up for personal coaching with Nancy, which has been amazing, not just for my riding but in all areas of my life. My only regret is not finding her sooner. I can honestly say this book changed my life."

Meghan Richards: Absolutely Life Changing Book! 5 Stars Amazon

"I read Nancy’s book and hired her as my equestrian coach in 2020. 5 years not jumping…9 years not owning my own horse. Petrified to jump again but also dying to try it again. My business was suffering so affording a horse seemed impossible. Nancy worked with me and when I applied her principals to my riding, everything changed. I applied them to my work. To my marriage. To everything. Fast forward to 2021 and not only did my business quadruple, and I was able to buy a horse (along with a trailer, new truck, custom saddle, etc), and not only did I jump again, but I did eventing! And won our first horse trials! My riding, my work, and my marriage are all better thanks to becoming a “ROCKSTAR” in every facet of my life. If I can do it- YOU CAN! Great read and advice for life!! I referred her to two of my friends, and she helped them as well."

Abbie North: 

"Nancy's book has helped me with so many roadblocks in and out of the ring. Each chapter is speficially designed and tailored to help each rider obtain peak performance. Every time I read a chapter, I learn something valuable (even if I didn't think, at first, that the issue pertained to me!) I can't thank Nancy enough for the caoching and sharing of her keys to success through her book."  

Jessica Zaloom: Best purchase I ever made! 5 Stars Amazon

"I read Nancy’s book in conjunction with my coaching program. It was an amazingly powerful tool. I even highly recommend it as a stand alone tool. The book is full of so many great stories that you can keep going back to in your mind to remind you and guide you back to your progressive path. I spent year after year wasting time and hoping things would get better and they never did. It was only when I started using this book, and my coaching sessions with Nancy, when I made a huge turn around. I am now back in the ring after 3 years of not riding at all and being successful at the sport I love. All thanks to Nancy and her powerful results driven program. Buy the book and I promise you will not regret it!!"

LEH002: Lifechanging 5 Stars Amazon

"This book, paired with coaching sessions with Nancy herself, has given me the tools to be my own Equestrian Rockstar. These tools are tailored to the triggers and limiting beliefs that can come with riding competitively, but are also applicable to other aspects of life - work, family, and any other encounters you come across in life. Nancy's  book, which is super helpful, is available as a download or a paperback on Amazon. Not available as an audio book yet, but it is well worth the physical read. The chapters are short, but meaningful, so you can get away with reading one chapter a day or so. Highly recommend and makes a great gift for that equestrian in your life!! Personally, Nancy Dye has helped me find joy in the journey of competition. She has lead me to rework my mindset around the feelings of nervousness or pressure. Best of luck finding the joy and POWER in show “nerves.”

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