Dear Nancy

What if your whole team was rocking it out there in the show ring (or the business world)?

How would that boost your business and attract more riders to your barn? 

Trending now! 

Available for new and past clients ... booking for barn team and/or business group coaching ... taking back control over their results in riding and their lives!

Are you considering picking up the reins in your life and rocking your results this year?

Or starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur? (see business coaching below)

Or are you the owner/head trainer for your barn team? ( See TEAM)


Take advantage now of our team coaching for you and your barn!

Learn how to get the best out of your team ... 

Help them to how learn what they do to trip themselves up or to hold themselves back. 

This is phone group coaching, so anyone can call in from anywhere and not have to worry about being on camera or doing yet another Zoom call! 

Monday/Tuesday "quarterbacking" the week/weekend training and shows.

Sign up your "team" and depending upon how many members, receive 1:1 coaching for yourself (or barn manager) for free. 

Every member gets a portal for communication/notes updates, so if they had a bad ride and want to send me a note, great!

Are you the owner of a barn?

Reduce your stress and improve your optics in the show ring by getting everyone rocking it in the ring (and in their lives!)

Yes, you will "sanitize" your barn atmosphere with more positive riders that do not show up with limiting beliefs about themselves!

(Or you!)

One-on-one coaching with me for YOU, the leader.

This is where we increase your leadership skills. 

This is your time to find where your techniques and tactics are not working and to empower yourself to turn around a rider or employee.

Maybe you have a drama queen on your team who is toxic to the rest of the barn family? Done! 

Maybe you have a resistant rider who "disagrees" with everything you say or just flat out is passive aggressive?


Or perhaps it is just the usual rider confidence/second guessing/too nervous issues ... the solution of which is unique to each individual rider.

Or maybe it is the "background static" noise going on in your personal family ... caretaking others or dealing with stress in our culture. 

Whatever is tripping you up or holding you back ... 

We help you to pick up the reins and better manage all these pieces of your puzzle. 

Sign up your group and receive team rates for everyone in your barn to be on the same page with having an empowered mindset for performing at their best in the ring. 

Everyone should be speaking (and same) the same empowered mental skills language!

Business/Sales Coaching for Entrepreneurs: Doesn't Matter the Industry

For executives and also for sale's teams. 

Examples of industries currently or in the past; note that I have worked in all these industries AND have also invested in my own 1:1 coaching in these industries ...

Or was hired on a contracting basis with some of these companies to do their training.

1. Real estate, residential and commercial
2. Automotive 
3. Financial planners
4. Recruiters
5. Medical sales
6. Horse breeding/training/importing/ Sales
7. Show barns
8. Interior Design/residential and commercial
9. Real estate investment/1031 Exchange companies
10. Coaching/Trainers/Fitness

Mental skills are mental skills! 

And this is not your standard "motivational" business coaching anymore than my riding coaching is similar to the same old that is out there today!  

Sign up your sale's team to learn the basics of emotional strength and resiliency and performing at their peak. 

What is holding some of your sales team and/or executives back? 

Are they in disbelief about how successful they can be? 

Leading from the wrong, disempowered identity?

Do they make excuses for not completing tasks and missions? 

Do they run away from challenges or are they distracted with personal issues at home? 

Are some of your employees dealing with health issues or feeling victimized by this pandemic?

Or do they show up with a bare minimum/half-assed effort mindset?

Resolving personal issues in the rest of their lives, learning self-knowledge and what works for them and what doesn't, will make all your employees perform at their personal best at work! 

Contracts can be customized and can include options for a discounted rate for additional one-on-one coaching as needed for any of your individuals listed on the group coaching contract. 

Call or email me for more information or to purchase a more successful year! 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough, Mental Skills Coach 
Emotional Strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist


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