No ribbons. No trophies. No mentions. But this adult rider was the most impressive this past week.

Sandra Gomez, riding jumpers, fell and received a burst fracture (a severe trauma) to the L-4 area of her spine. She had to learn to walk again and then did physical rehab for 16 months.

Next was to work on her mindset so she could return to her passion. The first day on a horse, with screws in her back, she walked AND trotted.

Sometimes it is just about celebrating breaking bad habits. Or moving forward through your fears and letting go of your “story” so you can learn a more empowered and safer way to jump and compete.

No, she will never go back to jumping like she used to. Absolutely not! That’s the good news!

She has gained valuable feedback from that fall and how she used to ride. She now understands how her self-sabotaging mindset contributed to her fall. And she has developed so much more inner strength and resilience. She is not the same person.

And now she knows the techniques and strategies that will work for her every time to consistently maintain a focused, confident, and unflappable mindset. She will jump better than she ever did.

Life is not happening to us, but for us! I am not a believer in giving out participation awards, but I am making an exception here for an exceptional equestrian!

What about you? Are you ready to raise your standards or to find out what's holding you back from being the best that you can be? Want to get rid of your fears, feeling nervous when you compete or to return to enjoying your ride? Want to find out how to reach peak performance in your riding and the rest of your life?

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