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Now through Mother's Day, I am offering a special "combo" coaching package for show moms and their rider or an equestrian mom and their child. Coach from anywhere by phone.

When I coach teenagers, pre-teens or even young adults, the "reason" they sometimes give for being nervous, scared, or "not at their best" turns out to be the blame game; the pressure they feel from parents and trainers, "my trainer yells at me," or fighting with their friends or boyfriends ... and these riders want ME 
fix everyone in their lives!

They are surprised to find out that I won't. Why? Because I teach the principles of reality; we can't change other people, places, or things! The only thing we can change/control is ourselves or our perceptions about the event and how we react.

And the second reason I won't try to fix their problems with other people is because I would be taking their own power away if I intervened. Instead, I teach the child/young adult how to set boundaries or how to have a productive conversation with a parent or trainer.

The third reason I won't "fix others" for them is this; it is more important to teach the rider/child/adult to stop blaming others! When we blame others, we take on the victim identity. And victims are powerless and angry (about being "abused" and powerless).

Try riding when you’re feeling powerless versus feeling empowered. Big difference in your performance!

However, when those same children/riders/adults assume the extreme ownership identity, NOW they become empowered. That issue is no longer out of their hands and someone else's problem. Instead, it is now THEIR own challenge that they have the responsibility of solving AND the joy of learning from. It's a learning opportunity that they will grow from!

That being said, most parents are frustrated and complain that they are "butting heads" with their child. Or they are challenged with the changes that happen in the teenage years. Or they just want to know how to better support their child's riding career.

Now that children will soon be out of school for summer, this is the perfect time for your child to learn the success rituals for emotional strength and resiliency necessary for peak performance in riding as well as in all areas of their personal lives.

Book a free coaching session with me online on my calendar and I am happy to explain to you my combo package for mother/child coaching. Coaching will be separate; you will each have your own sessions and each session's conversations are private; I do not disclose what you and your child are saying!

This is not about fixing anyone. This is about learning AND APPLYING the success principles of peak performance in riding and all areas of your life; to include relationships and career!

This is about the mother and the child each staying focused on themselves! Staying focused on working on becoming their own personal best! (You will not ride as well as you can when you are distracted with other issues in your life!)

I dramatically transform lives rapidly and with lasting results. Get on the same peak performance mental skills coaching program!

Here is the link to my coaching calendar to book a free session with me and/or to speak with me to find out more.


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