Dear Nancy, 

ATTITUDE from entrepreneur extraordinaire Gary Vee! (Great for riders!)


Perfectionists. I hear this all day long from riders ….

How they have such high standards and can’t stand to lose or fail and how that is a good thing because that is how they got where they are now.

That is what makes them so great.

Except they want to coach with me because of the pain and frustration of making mistakes and not being perfect.

(Which is messing with their head and preventing peak performance.)

My answer is always the same: “Wait, so losing is a bad thing?”

That belief and mindset will NEVER beat out the rider with high standards that ALSO welcomes and embraces mistakes and uses them to jump up to the next level!

Which one is more empowered and more willing to NOT hold back … and to instead give it their ALL?

Being afraid of losing is … drum roll … wait for it … being afraid.

And focusing on the wrong thing!

Want to beat out your competitors? Do not enter the ring with any “being afraid of” weaknesses lurking anywhere inside of you.

It’s GAME FACE on to FACE ANYTHING! The inner strength of a warrior!!

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Enjoy the Ride, 

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