Hi Nancy,


We all love horses that can take a joke. Guess what horses love? Riders that can take a hint!

Rarely can we see when we are showing up “on our high horse," but our horses can feel it every time. (We've all found ourselves up there at one point or another.)

It might manifest as a rider being over controlling or it might display as something worse; not listening to or being open to feedback from our mount or from others. 

Challenges and solutions become crystal clear and based in reality when we have our boots planted firmly on the solid (and humble) ground.

Becoming unseated is many times a symptom of having been perched up there a little too high and a little too stiff. Another hint could be a horse running away with you. The common denominator is that the horse is trying to get away from the rider.

Or the horse may just dig in their heels and refuse to cooperate right ... right before the jump!

Yes, you want to show up as an empowered leader when you ride, but a leader is only as effective as his/her openness to feedback about the realities in their environment. As well as about themselves.

Ask yourself, are you being teachable or coachable? If you already know it all, you are missing out on the “gems” that would have taken you to the next level.

What is the point of asking our horses to be our co-pilot if we don’t intend to work together as a team or to even take feedback from our trainers?

We may say we place a high value on growth, being flexible, and remaining committed to doing all we can to achieve our personal best, but horses feel the truth underneath all the talk.


As an equestrian, if we can’t see ourselves or the problem from a different perspective, nothing will change.


Everything turns around when we hop off our high horse and shift into proving we ARE willing to do whatever it takes …

(The proof is ONLY in the action, not the intention.)

Rather than to continue demonstrating, over and over, that we know it all despite the fact (to everyone else including our horses) that it is clearly not working for us.


Enjoy your ride!

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Equestrian Mindset Coach
Emotional Strength & Resilience Trainer
Strategic Interventionist

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