Hi Nancy,

Congrats to all my Equestrian Rockstars for inspiring others with their courage, emotional strength, and resiliency. And of course, their own personal peak performance.

This is what our purpose and legacy is all about.

They inspired others by starting, starting over, rehabbing themselves or their horses (or both), raising standards and moving up in their riding goals ...

Bonding with new horses and healing hearts for the ones they had to put down or let go of.

But the successes are not just verified by the ribbons for riding.

The successes we value the most are the ones that are generated from the courage to be honest with ourselves ...

To overcome our egos and become coachable, to let go of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, to jump over life's hurdles, to transition through life stages ...

And by giving 100 percent of our efforts to be the best that we can be.

And for some, the biggest achievement was simple to not quit (on themselves or their horses) and to stay the course. 

What a journey it has been. We learned, we laughed, we cried, we let go, and we celebrated ALL the victories ... large and small with riding AND life.

We moved across country, we sold or bought new farms, we switched careers or retired altogether.

We became new parents or empty nesters or we were launched into college and transitioned into adulting.

We took on the "blessing" for caretaking family in their old age or illnesses, and we buried family and friends from this pandemic.

We stepped up into channeling our inner warriors as we accepted and galloped head on into the battle for our own illnesses and recovery. 

We grieved, we let go, we healed, and we learned from the stress and the journey.

And with all this going on in the background, we still raised our standards with training and showing horses.

We peeled the layers back to discover who we were that was not working for us ...

And we found the missing pieces of our puzzle that makes us special and pushes us to perform at our best.

We redefined who we wanted to become and what we were capable of.

We worked on new identities, new beliefs, new self-talk, new values, and more effective tools and rules.

We kept setting new goals every week, we committed to extreme ownership and not using excuses, we learned how to accept accountability ... 

And we learned new leadership skills to become better pilots for our co-pilots (the horses) ...

Setting rules to never give up on ourselves and our dreams ...

And we stayed on course until we had breakthroughs to the other side.

We won. And we learned to embrace and to promote ourselves as Equestrian Rockstars! And role models!

Yes, we are all role models, either showing off our negative habits or our effective habits that are generating peak performance.

And that's a wrap for winter circuit for most of my clients spread throughout the country (and internationally).

I could not be more proud of, and more inspired by, all of you! 

Take a moment to breathe, relax and enjoy. Then get ready to saddle up again!

My friends ...

Have faith, stay in belief, and continue to work hard.

The best is yet to come! 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Equestrian Mental Skills Coach
Emotional Strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist


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