Whatever you don't like, are annoyed by or are negative about, OWNS you!

Your tricky Chef de Saboteur will use it as fuel to trip you up and hold you back.

Or just leave you second guessing yourself and therefore, vulnerable to not performing at your best ... 

(Or worse, to become unseated mentally or physically.)
Go beyond acceptance and survival to EMBRACING it and make it work FOR you!

So YOU pick up the reins and mange it all the way to winning, feeling empowered, and enjoying any activity and life.
The difficult ones (people, places, HORSES, and things) will make us the men/women we are proud to be ...

ONLY IF we embrace their potential power to make us step up and transform to the next level of our growth. 
Want to know how to apply this to your riding and your life?
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(Or read the stories in my book, Equestrian Rockstars, to see how my clients turned around their riding and their life.) 

Why spend another second spinning around in being imprisioned by something/someone having power over you in a negative way? 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough, Equestrian Mental Skill Coach 
Emotional Strength and Resiliency Trainer
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