July 4th Newsletter!


So happy for all my riders that are celebrating their new found independence from their "old stories," limiting beliefs, and dis-empowering emotional patterns that were tripping them up in the show ring and keeping them stuck. Happy Independence Day!

Welcome to your NEW emotional home of feeling empowered and excited about competing and enjoying all your new successes in riding and in your life.


If you are a serious rider, making a commitment to discovering what is holding you back and then learning and practicing the mental skills that will work for your unique personality, history, life stage, horse, and trainer HAS to transition from being a "should" to a "MUST."

Just like the mindsets of all the families that moved here to our country represented by this statue. If you REALLY want freedom from whatever is keeping you stuck. If you REALLY want a new life. If you REALLY want a better story with the destiny of your dreams. The ONLY option is ALL IN.

"Take the island and burn the boats," as they say in the military. You either want it or you don't. You are either a rider that dabbles in a hobby (a "wannabe equestrian rockstar") or you are a serious equestrian athlete. You are either on that bridle path to become empowered to make it happen or you are not. It's a mindset. And a dedication to consistently show up and stay commited to doing whatever you have to do to become your absolute best.

So to my riders that successfully completed my equestrian mental skills bootcamp, your unshakable belief, your insatiable drive, and your unflappable perseverance was always within of you. As was your confidence. And your success. They were all just decisions and choices along every single stride forward and straight.

Yes, first you needed the insight. Then you need customized tools. Then you needed to be guided through applying those tools.

But you showed up. You stayed on the right bridle path. You kept riding forward and straight. And just as I told you it would happen if you kept the faith and just took it day by day and stride by stride ... it all paid off.

Let the fireworks being!


Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Equestrian Mental Skills Coach
Emotional Strength & Resilience Trainer
Strategic Interventionist

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