The Hampton Classic Horse Show. It requires next level, 5th generation mental skills warfare!

(Nancy and Bentley winning both the M&S and Ariat medals on day 1 at the Hamptons 2023!)

What's the best part of watching the Hamptons for me? It is not only seeing current clients showing there, but also watching previous clients winning there! Flashback to her original testimonial from years ago! 

“I made it to Zones at Harrisburg and Marshall Sterling and experienced so much more joy and fulfillment from my riding, in addition to reaping the show results that had evaded me.
"I was so anxious before shows that I had trouble eating and sleeping, the night before and morning of, and was hitting the bathroom repeatedly before my classes as my stomach would be churning! We worked together to channel those nerves as one of our early steps.
"My life has changed so much, as a result of a total change in my mindset, and how I perceive myself and events. Yes, Nancy, you have changed my life for the much better, not just in riding, but in my career, personal relationships, and so much more!
"I’m referring you, Nancy, because you have the power to change people’s worlds!

Nancy Buzzetta, amateur owner, trains with Marty and Debbie deLeyer, on Long Island, New York.
Vice-President and Owner of Mercedes-Benz, Smithtown, NY.
Owner of Competition Subaru of Smithtown, NY.


The very same clients that came to me afraid and avoiding showing at the prestigious Hampton Classic because they didn't believe in themselves are now out there living the dream that they could barely allow themselves to even think about!

They KNEW they didn't have a strong foundation of effective mental skills to even handle their nerves and fears, much less to discipline themselves to CONSISTENTLY work HARD on generating the physical riding skills to be able to show up and perform at their best.
They didn't even have the mental skills to create risk tolerance; to risk being embarrassed if they didn't ride well.
They also didn't have the resilience to recover from and reframe a round they labeled as a failure. So, their next rounds were haunted by their past ones! So why waste their money to show there to begin with?
For many years too long, these clients didn't have the mental skills (belief, decision making skills, and resourcefulness) to invest in my mental skills training to learn how to discipline themselves to prepare and to train effectively for the show.
They were stuck in a pattern of "maybe next year I will try to show there." Or "maybe next year I will perform better there." And being ready that next year just never magically happened. 

Because it is not magic. 
And now those very clients who finally took a leap of faith and invested in and worked hard in my 5th generation mental skills training are showing up at the Hamptons like Equestrian Rockstars and being competitive and winning!
How thrilling is that ... for me and for them ... as well as their families and friends. Not to mention their trainers, because this is a team effort. Success relies on having the mental skills to listen to your trainer, to learn, and to APPLY the physical riding skills EXACTLY as they are directing you to do (and NOT your own, creative version of it).
These clients are enjoying massive growth in their riding and their emotional intelligence by embracing extreme ownership and NOT blaming the horse, the course, the judge or whatever else we can find!
I would say good-luck to all my past and current clients showing at the Hamptons this week, but they all know not to use that limiting word or to allow themselves to indulge in that powerless fantasy and belief that riding and showing has anything AT ALL to do with luck.
And no, I don't care that you do the hunters; it is a story and an excuse that we tell ourselves that ultimately, no matter how well we do, the end result is out of control when it comes to the hunter ring versus the jumper ring.
Believe that and you have already lost the game and why bother to show at all?
Because that mindset is what is holding us back from believing in and owning our personal power and skills.
The winning mindset is not about luck or trying or hoping and wanting. Those are disempowering words and half-assed intentions. That is a self-sabotaging strategy of planning to fail, and it can become a bad habit!
My clients know that with every moment, they can CHOOSE to own and APPLY their mental and physical riding skills DETERMINED to show up and go into the ring and execute the details of the ride, with accurate track and timing, to generate the results and success they want.
Now they have the belief and absolute certainty that they WILL embrace goals that are even higher than that and WILL absolutely perform BEYOND their absolute personal best! Breaking all their previous records. And absolutely crushing their competition!
There are a lot of "absolutes" in that paragraph above, I know. It was intentional. I specialize in words and absolutes. Transforming the absolutely WRONG mindset into the absolutely best, most powerful and effective, winning mindset.
It's next level.
It's a completely different intensity. 

Tied to the destination of our dreams.
"We are either powerful or pitiful, but we can't be both." Dr. Joyce Meyers

Nancy Dye

Breakthrough, Peak Performance Mental Skills Coach
Emotional Strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist

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