Dear Nancy, 

I'm taking about your riding performance, not the country/world news ... 

(Hopefully this past week in the show ring didn't look as bad as those two TEMPORARY things! )

But to get back on track with riding  ... 

Listen, you KNOW deep down inside when you're just not bringing it! 

Trainers, team mates, family, and friends will pretty it up for you with ... 

"Oh, you did the best you could!" 

Then they help you to fill in the blanks for all the excuses and blame ... 

Your horse, the weather, the tough competitors, the judges. events going on in your personal life  ...

(As if you need help with excuses!)

But they are NOT doing you any favors with those wrappings and bows! 

It only keeps you believing that lie ... 

That better results was not something you could have achieved at that moment.

And therefore, ENABLES you to stay stuck!

(Bring in the wheelchairs folks, because literally, you are being told you are powerless because everyone and everything else is to blame!)

This is what I call a Limiting Belief (or for more impact, call it a psyops!) ... that you could not have done better. 

But I call bullsit on your shit show in the ring and/or life! 

But before you get too upset ... 

Here is the good news. 

Wait for it ...

Your POWER is in telling yourself a different story! 

And stepping into extreme ownership. 

Own up to the shit show (I promise it won't kill you) ... 

And  your life will shift and change for the better! 

Own up to self-sabotaging bad habits ... 

And a powerless victim mindset ...

And create a DESIRE to move away from that pain! 

DECIDE to do something different! 

To pick up the reins and just turn all this around once and for all! 

DECIDE that instead of being a shit show ... 

You can become a SHOW STOPPER! 

Completely opposite bridle paths. 

With completely different destinations.

Which ultimately FEELS totally different. 

(Why not feel like a million bucks instead of feeling like crap?)

The key is in the belief ... 

Of what you CAN do. 

And WILL do ....

Once you have the puzzle of your "operating system" figured out.

It's a simple, stride-by-stride process! 

And it is what I specialize in! 

Why waste more time with this insanity? 

Riding and life is SO MUCH more enjoyable and successful ... 

When you become a show stopper. 

An Equestrian Rockstar! 

Instead of a shit show! 

Stay fearless ... of being honest with yourself. 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Equestrian Mental Skills Coach
Emotional strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist


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