Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to share with you some feedback from my customers.

My clients' names along with any identifying information, are Always Held in Strict Confidence (except where permission is given).

Experienced Female Rider for 30 Years, with Several Horses. Shows the Adult Hunters on the A Circuit.

"I was a train wreck with my new horse before I called you (Nancy). I had lost my confidence, was second guessing myself, and was filled with anxiety and fear. About a month later, I got a champion ribbon!

"My thinking before was always 'I can't,' and now it is 'Yea, I got this!'

"I worked with several other sports psychologists before, good ones, and this system is completely different. The others are just bandages; breath work, visualize, meditate,  etc. They all say the same thing.

"This system resonates with me because it goes way down deep into what's driving and affecting my thoughts and emotional patterns. It goes to core beliefs and it changes your foundation, which changes the behavior. Plus, I like the Tony Robbins influences. I read, study, and work at it.

"It is a deep dive into fixing structural dilemmas that affect a rider's performance. I am having fun working on this process. I have only been doing this a month and I am seeing this great progress!

"I never appreciated the value of riding and the fundamentals of riding. I always discounted it because I wasn't spending my time doing something more important, like curing cancer. But as it turns out, I didn't cure cancer anyway so far, so now I am deep into adding value to riding.

"Looking back, it was crazy to think like that, but it's hard to do this sport and it made me cranky all the time due to the pushback from our culture, because of the investment in time and money for this sport. My husband doesn't like the horses and yet my kids competed as well, so there was that 'reality of the sport' I had to push against.

"I went from circling in front of the jumps, overriding, anxiety, and fear to now riding well, more consistently, and with more ease and joy. I am not nervous all the time.

"Nancy's coaching helped to see that I didn't place a high enough value on my horse; I didn't give him as much credit as I should. I learned how important the partnership is, and I got out of myself and how I was feeling to focus more on listening to and responding to how my horse was feeling.

"Nancy also gave me a prescription for working on my connection with my horse outside of riding time. I started looking at us as a team. I had been so focused on myself and all the thoughts and emotions inside of me during training and the shows, I wasn't appreciating, focusing on or working to develop us as a partnership. Now I have a belief in us as a 'couple.'

"Another insight Nancy gave me with this; I was a big picture person when I rode in the ring; looking at the whole course and thinking about my team and everyone watching me and feeling pressured to perform, so I wasn't appreciating and focusing on executing every small detail of riding. Even when I would flat the horse, I really wasn't even thinking.

"Now I pay attention to the details. It is more of an intellectual process. Focusing on the details and feeling and listening to my horse took the focus off my negative feelings and anxiety; it filled in the blank vacuum that was allowing the old thoughts and feelings in. So, I learned to appreciate and to practice staying focused on one stride at a time, one jump at a time, and the details involved in making that happen.

"I am a perfectionist. I had such trepidation and anxiety about making mistakes and then I would beat myself up, but now I don't take my mistakes personally. My mindset immediately goes to the work of looking at those details as the learning experience that I need to bring in and to use it.

"It has been wonderful for me to work with you (Nancy). I am very happy with my performance. I now enjoy my riding. I can't believe it, but I am actually embracing the identity and statement that 'I am an equestrian rockstar.' I totally believe I can win the major championships. I am now transferring the knowledge of what drives me, along with these same powerful strategies, to all the other areas of my life; my spouse, my children, and my career."

And also this week there was this new client!

Female Amateur Equestrian With Several Horses & an Equestrian Facility, Who Shows Hunters on the A circuit. From Long Island, NY.

"I signed up with Nancy's program just one day before I had to show at Gulf Port! I've been riding most of my life. I was traveling with my children, who also have their own horses to show. That's a lot to juggle! I had already been coaching with a Tony Robbins' coach for years, but she is not an equestrian and I was concerned about my anxiety and nerves; I really wanted to reach the high goals I had set for myself this year for competing on the circuit. The next day after my call with Nancy and reading her session notes, I rode better than I ever had before! I'm fascinated by how she takes his concepts, interventions, strategies, and neuro-associative conditioning and applies them to our sport." 

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Sports (and life, work, and relationships) is an 80% inner mental skills game. To work on your mental game, including your emotional and behavioral patterns, and to transform the quality of your life, please contact me. You just need (blind) faith and to be led along a step-by-step bridle trail!

Step one is the decision. Step two is showing up for the call. The rest of the steps will all fall into place; one stride at a time!

With Warm Regards, 

Nancy Dye
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