Dear Nancy
"What if your anxiety and depression isn't even yours? What if you were trained to be sad and anxious?" S. Landolphi

Yes, we can condition our brains, from bad habits of thoughts and negative emotions, to effectively "program" ourselves to feel bad ...

You know ... you FEEL it in your entire nervous sytem!

Then you get "caught up" in the spinning around in your rabbit hole!

(Not a good place to be when you are going into the show ring or having to show up and perform in your career!)

The good news about this new reality is that ...

We can ALSO program ourselves to be happy and healthy! And powerful and effective!

Peak performance is about showing up with an identity that has grabbed back the reins and has taken back your power.

It is NOT that you were broken or disempowered and stuck ... or fearful with your riding or not confident.

It is just that you were ACTING AS IF you were from the programming you were doing to yourself.

And you bought those beliefs that your negative thoughts created. And then THAT became your identity.

And therefore, your default "operating system."

Remember, we are all the Directors and programmers of our own IT departments!

So what if you told yourself a new story and decided to have new beliefs? 

What if you rejected your bad habits of thoughts ... 

Some of which may also have come from the constant messages from our cutlure? 

What if you programmed your brain for a new narrative that would serve you better? 

Instead of your old, delusional one? 

And what would that new IT coding look like? 

Empowered, courageous, confident, joyful, strategic, results oriented? 

In other words, an Equestrian Rockstar ... in ALL areas of your life! 

Stay courageous. 

Nancy Dye
Breakthrough Mental Skills Coach
Emotional Strength & Resiliency Trainer
Strategic Interventionist



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