Fear From a Bad Riding Accident

Above: Nancy Dye after one of the many times she has walked on fire at a Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within events.

Not all my clients are Grand Prix riders or trainers ... or junior and amateur riders wanting to win consistently and become show and circuit champions. Some are just novice or average riders that have had bad accidents and have become fearful.

My clients may start out with some degree of uncertainty about my program or themselves when they first start, but they end up being shocked at how well it works. They come to me with limiting beliefs, if not in a state of down right complete disbelief, but as they practice learning how to believe (even when they don't 100 percent), and as they practice rewiring their brains, they leave a new, empowered rider and believer.

They have learned how to shift their mental state and emotions with the speed, accuracy and timing of a race car driver!

This is called RESULTS coaching!

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Check out these quick results below!

Testimonial From Tracy Leahy

Before coaching, list 2-3 of the greatest challenges in your life at that time?

I was seriously injured from a horse accident on 11/6/23. After my accident, I was having trouble riding horses without feeling extreme fear. Because of this, I was causing the horses that I was riding to light up.

I wanted to enjoy riding again and to have the confidence to do it. In addition, I lost my horse so I needed the confidence to try many new horses that I didn’t know much about.

How were the above problems impacting your life?

The above problems were causing me to feel anxious, avoid doing what I love (riding), over eating, feeling depressed, feeling disappointed that I might not ride again or have the courage to go shop for horses. I was very unhappy and insecure.

What finally had you say “enough is enough” that inspired you to work with a coach?

I tried riding different horses at my barn to get back in the saddle after my accident. My trainer told me that I look petrified on the horses. The horses were feeding into my energy. I got angry that this fear was preventing me from doing what I loved best, riding. I was tired of being a victim to my fear. I knew I needed help to face my fear. A friend told me that she had a friend who had the best coach who helped her ride again. I got Nancy’s number that day and called.

What was one of your favorite aspects of coaching?

One of my favorite aspects of coaching was the confidence I gained in riding and the tools that Nancy taught me to make me into the empowered, Equestrian Rockstar that I am today. I would not be where I am today without Nancy’s coaching.

Since coaching, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life?

I was not able to ride for many months because of my injuries. Prior to coaching with Nancy, I was hardly able to get on a horse. After one coaching session, I had an incredibly enjoyable and successful ride on a new horse. This continued for 2 weeks with all different horses. After a few weeks of coaching, I was able to successfully ride over 20 different horses that I had never met and knew very little about. I am a novice rider who has only ridden 2 horses before Nancy.

People in my barn saw the difference in my confidence riding within one week of coaching. I was asked multiple times how was I “doing what I was doing” and what was my coach telling me!

To prove I could get back to where I was before my accident, with Nancy’s help, I competed in an A rated show on a horse that I had ridden only a few times in less than a month working with Nancy! Then I went on a shopping trip down to Wellington by myself (and without my trainers) and tried all these new horses at farms I had never been to before. I didn't feel any uncertainty at all ... even though I rode a horse from the owner's barn down to their ring all by myself while they hopped in the golf cart and met me there.

Thank you, Nancy, for helping me to get back to doing what I love, riding, as a confident, bold, empowered rider! I am retired from work, and now I am looking forward to working with Nancy on using these mental skills to transform me into my best Equestrian Rockstar athletic shape with a healthy lifestyle and gym program! In addition to enjoying riding and showing my new horse (pictured below).


Mia G., 11 year old pony rider that trains in Wellington, FL

The first challenge in my life was just riding. I was doubting that Milkshake would ever go. Many people told me he wouldn’t go again. I didn’t like riding because we always had to chase him around. I had already lost most of my confidence due to a fall off of my other pony. I had no confidence and was loosing even more of it because we had to chase and smack Milkshake all the time. I would get scared of smacking him because I thought he would buck and I would fall off, and get hurt.

Another challenge in my life was riding, but on the ground. I was always terrified to lead my pony, to tack him up, to brush him, to do anything. I would do it, but only if my dad or someone who was able to control the horse. If my mom was there, I would still be scared.

The problems above were impacting my life by making me unhappy. I wasn’t having fun in riding or when I would go to the barn because I was always scared riding and when I would handle my pony or any other horse. I would be mad because everyone else at the barn could get their horse or pony to go and I couldn’t. I would also get angry when my friends would lead a horse, jump, or even just trot and canter.

My dad found you. When my dad told me that he found you and I was going to work with you, I actually was mad. I was mad because I had worked with 2 other coaches (one that knew nothing about horses), and they both didn’t work. I thought, “Oh great, I have to work and waste my time with this coach that probably won’t work.” Even though I thought you wouldn’t work, I started working with you because I had spent so many months trying to fix Milkshake and nothing was working.

My favorite aspect about coaching is how you know exactly what to give me to work on. Other coaches would say, “Let’s try this and see if it works.” But you already know what will work for me and what probably won’t.

Another aspect I love is how you know exactly what everything is for riding. Other coaches had no clue about anything horse related. I would say, “ We have to chase him around and smack him with the whip to get him to move a little bit.” The coach would be like, “does that hurt them? What is a whip?” Then we would spend the rest of the time trying to explain what a whip is and how it doesn’t hurt them unless you whip them like they don’t matter. You actually know what a whip is and how it doesn’t hurt them, and any other horse information.

Some of the tangible results I’ve experienced in my life is more confident I feel relaxed. I used to have no confidence in anything. I also used to be very tense and stressed. If we went for a walk, to the store, out to dinner, to go see my friends, I was stressed. I wouldn’t ever enjoy anything when I was like that. Now I don’t get tense and I barely get stressed and scared.

Pilar Ojeda, age 17, trains with Columbian showjumper, Ricardo Villa and shows the medium jumpers at Tryon International Equestrian Center in North Carolina. 

Before coaching, list 2-3 of the greatest challenges in your life at that time (what types of things kept you awake at night and were pressing problems that needed to be solved in your life?

a) Being negative on myself.
b) Solving problems by quitting and dragging on with that quitting mentally.
c) Fear and constantly worrying about things going wrong/ wanting to be perfect in the ring.

How were the above problems impacting your life?

Those problems impacted the way I showed up to the ring. I was blaming things on my horse, being negative, timid, and lacking confidence. Also being shy with my relationships. Quitting when things got tough, and I didn't want to change or help myself.

What finally had you say “enough is enough” that inspired you to work with a coach?

I was getting ready for my first regional Grand Prix, I was walking the course and for the first time I was genuinely scared to do the class. My mom was telling me to call you again after our free session for weeks before then. I told myself I was going to, but never made the time to follow through. When I was walking that course for the Prix, I was scared of the height (a new height I haven't done before and didn't really want to do the class. It was like I got shot in place. I wasn't worried about doing the class until I was standing there in front of the jumps. I continued to go in the ring with that mentally. The class could have gone way worse, me or the horse could have gotten hurt, by the way I was feeling about it but I got 2 rails. Maybe I would have been clear if I was an Equestrian Rockstar then!

What was one of your favorite aspects of coaching?

I love doing exercises like The Old and New Identities, Communication Styles, and the 6 Humans Needs, because it opens my eyes to things I need go work on. Seeing the things I do already and things I need to do out of my comfort zone. I also like how we make effective techniques that are custom for me, and make me feel empowered!

Since coaching, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life?

I am more confident in myself, and want to make a change in my life while I am young. I am more confident in my riding, I'm excited to get in the ring, excited to have more experiences to work on myself, and ready to set my life on the right bridle path!

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