Warrior Coaching


Photo: My son, USAF Captain, Chad Miles, hiking in S. Korea


We give our most heartfelt gratitude to our elite heroes; the military and their families.


We offer equestrian and non-equestrian lifestyle coaching, for inner strength and resiliency, geared towards our warrior heroes and their families. While horses are no longer being used to carry our soldiers into battle, they are one of many weapons used for healing our soldier's internal scars. My phone coaching can supplement an equine therapy program for trauma or it can be effectively applied without the use of horses.

In addition to being a military family and having overcome my own personal battles, I was trained by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes (RMT) in their powerful strategic intervention techniques for effecting rapid and lasting changes. I specialize in transforming people lives and creating mindsets that can "walk on fire" and fight to win!

For warriors, they are way ahead of the game, but sometimes through trauma, addictions or becoming stuck in transitions, even warriors sometimes find themselves spinning around. 

We teach mental health through strategic interventions and emotional intelligence. Change is all about emotional strength and fitness and having a talented and intuitive coach that will discover the pieces of the puzzle for where someone is blocked and how to find the leverage and the right strategies to move them forward. Quickly.

This is not long term therapy of endlessly talking about the problem and spinning your wheels. Coaching is about solving the problem and moving forward to who you really are at your personal best. 

Please don't suffer in silence. I transformed my own life over 30 years ago and have been helping others to do the same ever since I figured out the process for shifting inside and finding the leverage to move forward into action.

You will be amazed at how our powerful strategies can ease your pain and help you to overcome adversity, to heal marital relationships, and to move forward through transitions.

Many times in my life when I was feeling imprisoned by my feelings or my circumstances, I was comforted and inspired by the story of my friend Captain Coffee; keynote speaker and author of "Beyond Survival." I interviewed Captain Coffee on my radio show, "Triumphs of the Human Spirit." I highly recommend his book. 

Here is the link to My Interview with (Ret) Captain Jerry Coffee





Click here for my interview with the son of the most famous Marine ever; Chesty Puller's son!



Josh Espinosa
Real Estate Broker/Remax and Former U.S. Marine. Weston, FL

"Nancy has a rare and exceptional quality of being very professional and genuinely caring. She has coached me personally, 'one-on-one,' and she has exceeded my expectations. Her ability to deliver comes from years of experience and valuable insights, which helped me to break through some personal and business barriers. I strongly recommend her as your 'go to' counselor/business coach."